BigDogCongratulations! Your search for an affordable tax planning and preparation service in Virginia Beach is complete. PIM Tax Services LLC is a veteran-owned and operated tax consultancy providing genuine advice and service at prices that won't break your budget. It shouldn't cost a small fortune to comply with state and federal tax laws, or to be informed about the credits, adjustments, or deductions for which you might qualify. The mission of PIM Tax Services is to remove the stress from your tax filing experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

veteran owned tax prep virginia beachThe most common question asked of tax professionals is "how much do you charge?" Unfortunately, at most tax prep firms it is almost impossible to get a straight answer to that very reasonable question. Not at PIM Tax Services. I post my fees for the most common tax return situations right on my website. You don't have to guess what your tax preparation bill is going to be.

 tax prep virginia beach

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Who Is The Best Fit For PIM?

who are you virginia beach tax prepThese are the types of clients who typically get the most value from PIM Tax Services:

- Military individuals and families.

- Individuals with small/home businesses. 

- Individuals with rental property.

- Individuals with more than one state to file.

- Small partnerships

- Individuals with significant investment income. 

- People who like to have their taxes explained so they understand.

- People who want information on additonal tax savings for next year.

- People who like to know how much it is going to cost BEFORE the return is finished.

- People who want to build a lasting relationship with a tax professional they trust.

If you recognized yourself anywhere on that list, you should make an appointment today.

Finding The Office

Virginia beach tax prep PIM location

Officially at 582 Lynnhaven Parkway, you get to the building from Viking Drive. PIM Tax Services is located in suite 101, on the first floor. If you come in the front door it is the first office on the right. Plenty of convenient parking available. For the best client experience, make an appointment before dropping by.

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