The second worst thing about tax time (right after finding out how much of your money the government is taking) is trying to get organized to deliver your tax information to me. Or maybe your tax situation is different this year than it was last year. Maybe you changed jobs. Or you started working for yourself. Or you started a little side hustle with Uber or Etsy. Or you decided to turn your house into a rental property. Or you had a baby. Or your baby started college. So many things can impact your tax situation!

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a checklist or guide to help you gather the information and documents you need so that you could get me everything I needed to prepare your taxes on your first attempt?

Well, now there is! I made some checklists and spreadsheets you can download and use to help you gather all the information necessary for your income tax preparation. Please use them! (And if you see something that can be added (or removed) to make them better, please give me that feedback!)


 Tax Tool Tutorials:

 How to use the Rental Property Spreadsheets


 More coming soon!