***Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired Military Personnel take an Additional 20% Off Individual Returns***
PIM Tax values your service to the United States.




Individual Income Tax Forms and Schedules 
 Form1040EZ  $35
 Form1040A  $60
 Form 1040  $100*
 Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)  $35
 Schedule B (Investment Income)  $15
 Schedule C (Business Return) (form 1040 included)  $190
 Schedule D (Capital Gains)  $40
 Schedule E (Rental Property Income) (form 1040 included)  $180 + $30 for each additional property 
 Schedule E (Partnership or Trust Income)  $50
 State Returns (without a federal return)  $50 (each state)
 State Returns (with a federal return)  $35 (each state)
 Form 8949 (Capital Assets)  $20 (if more than 4 entries)
 Form 6252 (Installment Sales)


 Form 3115 (Change of Accounting Method)  $125
 Form 8283 (Non-Cash Charitable Contributions)  $25 (if more than 3 entries)
 Casualty Loss Reporting  $25
 Form 982 (Cancellation of Indebtedness)  $40

 *There is no charge for Form 1040 if a Schedule C or Schedule E (rental income) is required.


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Forms I Don't Charge Extra For
 Schedule EIC
 Child Tax Credit
Education Credits
Child and Dependent Care Credits
Self Employment Taxes
Alternative Minimum Tax
Depreciation of Business Property
Health Insurance / ACA Forms
Social Security Forms
Residental Energy Credits
IRA Contributions


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Business Returns:

Form 1065 (partnership) - $500



Bookkeeping Fee - $120/hour (billed as $2/minute)

Bookkeeping fees are rarely charged. They are added when I need to sort and total receipts, statements, or other documents in order to derive the information required to prepare the tax return. My time is valuable, especially during tax season. If you bring me the proverbial shoebox full of receipts or put a pile of unopened mail on my desk it adds time to the task of completing your tax return. I need to be compensated for that time.

There will never be any surprises. Clients will always be notified when bookkeeping fees will be added prior to the start of tax preparation services.

Cash, Checks, Credit, and Debit Cards are Accepted for Payment
I do not offer the option to have tax prep fees withheld from your refund.