I have some strong core beliefs and they shape the way I run my business. You should know what they are before you hire me.


tax prep core values virginia beach1. Fair, honest fees. The fee structure used by most tax preparation firms is ridiculous. Most tax preparation firms (including all the major chains) charge by the form for tax preparation. At first glance that may seem reasonable, but if you dig into the details it is more often than not quite unreasonable. There is often no relationship between the amount of time and expertise the tax professional uses to prepare a return and the fees being charged.

At PIM Tax Services I only charge for the forms that actually take time and effort to prepare.

2. Lowest legal taxes. The Internal Revenue Code (IRC)(a.k.a. federal tax law) defines what the government can take, NOT what the taxpayers can keep . People earn money, and when they do it belongs to them. The government has a need for revenue and the right to tax our incomes - but they do not have a right to one cent more than the IRC tells them they can take. Further, the IRC is packed with adjustments, deductions, and credits designed to improve our society by alleviating poverty, helping children, stimulating economic growth, fostering education, protecting the environment, etc. It is the civic responsibility of every taxpayer to take advantage of all the tax benefits for which he or she qualifies. I do not work for the IRS, I work for you, and I will keep your tax bill as low as legally possible.

3. Genuine advice that adds value. If you think about it, tax considerations are a major part of retirement planning, college planning, investing, and estate planning.

  • All retirement planning starts with tax-advantaged accounts.
  • College planning is all about finding the right mix of FAFSA, 529 plans, and tax credits.
  • Tax efficiency is one of the top indicators of investment performance.
  • Estate tax avoidance is often the centerpiece of estate planning.

Because tax considerations figure heavily into so many aspects of our financial lives I will often ask questions and make additional recommendations that are related to taxes, but not necessarily pertaining to the preparation of this year's return.  I hope to add value to every client's tax preparation experience at PIM Tax Services.