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What to Expect from PIM Tax Services

Once upon a time I worked for a large tax preparation chain. They do some things well, but I never much cared for their standard process for preparing tax returns. The way they do it, the client sets an appointment, brings in their tax documents, and then sits and waits - sometimes for 2+ hours -  while the tax preparer works on the tax return.

It was that sitting and waiting part I didn't care for. It's uncomfortable for both the client and the tax preparer. The client would either stare at the side of my head while I focused on the computer screen, or they would use their smart phones to kill time. Meanwhile, I would be rushing to get through the tax return so that I could get the bored client on their way, and/or keep on schedule for my next appointment. Heaven forbid I might run into an unusual tax situation and need to do a little research. Or, perhaps another customer would walk into the office. I would have to stop serving the client who was there in order to go talk to the potential customer coming in the door. Then it was back to rushing to get the return finished and stay on schedule. Rushing - probably not a top ten word you'd like to use when describing your professional tax preparer.

Now that I have my own tax preparation firm I like to do things differently. I have a 3-step process for taking care of my clients.

Step 1. I collect your tax documents and conduct a quick interview with you to make sure I understand your situation and any particular concerns you have. We can do this at my office or we can do this online* - the choice is yours. Either way it should take no more than 30 minutes unless you have a highly complex tax situation.

Step 2. I prepare your taxes. I can work on them without being interrupted by other clients, or distracted by outside influences. No pressure, no rushing.

Step 3. We meet when your tax return is complete and ready to be filed. We review it together and I explain everything to your full satisfaction. We complete our business and I file your tax return.

I find this much more productive for both of us than having you sit and wait while I prepare your taxes. I can spend all of my open office hours interacting with clients, and I can work on tax returns in a focused manner when there are not any clients around. If you're in my office you get 100% of my attention, and when you're not in my office your tax return gets 100% of my attention. Plus, you don't have to kill time while I am working on your return. It's a win, win, win.

If shortening your time in the tax preparer's office and being more productive sounds good to you, then make your appointment at PIM Tax Services today!

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*I use DropBox for secure file transfers. Once your documents are received and I have reviewed them we can set up a phone meeting or use an online service such as Skype to complete Step 1.