virginia beach military discount state taxesFederal income taxes are given the lion's share of attention on tax websites and in the press. When it comes time to file, though, state income tax returns frequently cause the most problems. Especially here in Virgina Beach where we have a high density of military personnel from states other than Virginia. (And spouses who are from different states as well!) I have provided service to many clients who have already filed their federal return, but they need help filing their state return(s).

The problem is two-fold. 1) All tax software focuses on the federal return. If there is a difference in the way you are filing your federal and state return(s) the software can't always handle it very easily. 2) Tax professionals are not always up to speed on the requirements of the individual states.

You should give us (tax professionals) a break in the form of some patience and understanding if we are not immediately familiar with the requirements of every state. Research is frequently required. The tax codes from state to state are not uniform and the variables are endless. There is no way for a tax preparer to recall all of the different state rules from memory.

Regardless, none of this is your fault. Therefore, PIM Tax Services doesn't inflate the prices on state income tax returns just because they might add some difficulty to the tax preparation process. No matter how complex your state return(s) might be, I charge the same flat rate per return. (And military personnel get the military discount on top of that.) I will research your state's tax code, and then work my software to get your state return(s) correct.

If you have completed your federal return and need help with just the state return, please bring a copy of your federal return. I will need it to do your state return.

Hope to see you this tax season!

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