veteran owned tax prep virginia beachPIM is a nautical acronym for Plan of Intended Movement. When the Captain of a ship tells the Navigator, "We need to be in Galveston next Tuesday," the Navigator develops the Plan of Intended Movement; the PIM. It is the appropriate course and speed to achieve the Captain's goal - which is to move the ship to the appointed place and arrive at the designated time.

PIM is also a fine analogy for tax and financial planning (which are inseparable). The Captain (You) tells the Navigator (Me) where you want to go and when you want to get there with respect to your financial goals. I develop the tax and financial plans that get you where you want to be at the designated time.

Tax efficiency is an integral part of every financial plan. While nearly everyone understands the government needs revenue to provide services for the common good, no one wants to pay more in taxes than they are legally required to pay. Yet, it is difficult for most individuals to figure their tax bill correctly. The tax laws are highly complex. The seemingly endless forms, schedules, and worksheets are time-consuming at best; overwhelming at worst. Most people would prefer to have an expert prepare their taxes for them, but as distasteful as paying taxes can be, paying exorbitant fees for professional tax preparation might be even worse.

That's where I come in. PIM Tax Services (LLC) is a veteran-owned tax planning and preparation firm for individuals and small businesses in Virginia Beach. PIM Tax Services provides expert tax return preparation at affordable prices. PIM Tax Services makes its fees available to the public so that prospective clients can make an informed decision about which tax preparation firm to use. Active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel receive a 20% discount at PIM Tax Services.

PIM Tax Services provides reliable tax preparation and planning advice to individuals and small businesses at a reasonable price. I will prepare your taxes, explain everything to your satisfaction, provide advice on how you can minimize your future tax burden, and charge a fee that makes the service a value to you.