Amending a Tax Return

If you discover an error on a tax return filed in the past 3 years it is usually best to file an amended return to correct the error. Putting a fee on preparing an amended return is somewhat complex based on the source of the error and the original tax preparer. Here is my fee schedule for the various scenarios:

- If you had the original return prepared by someone other than me, the fees will be the same as what the preparation costs would have been if I had prepared the return. I will be starting over from scratch, so the original fee schedule for tax preparation applies.

- If I prepared the return and the error occurred because I lacked complete or accurate information to file a correct return, the fee is $40 to amend the return.

- If I prepared the return and the error was mine the cost to amend is $0. I will also refund 100% of the fees for the original tax return preparation. Additionally, you will get a 50% discount on the next year's tax preparation fees.

Mistakes happen, but you are paying me for professional service. You won't pay me for being "almost right".