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PIM Tax Services

PIM is a nautical acronym for Plan of Intended Movement. When the Captain of a ship tells the Navigator, “We need to be in Galveston next Tuesday,” the Navigator develops the Plan of Intended Movement; the PIM. It is the appropriate course and speed to achieve the Captain’s goal – which is to move the ship to the appointed place and arrive at the designated time.

PIM is also a fine analogy for tax and financial planning (which are inseparable). The Captain (You) tells the Navigator (Me) where you want to go and when you want to get there with respect to your financial goals. I develop the tax and financial plans that get you where you want to be at the designated time.

Tax efficiency is crucial in financial planning. While everyone acknowledges the need for government revenue, nobody wants to overpay taxes. The complexity of tax laws and extensive forms can be overwhelming. PIM Tax Services LLC, a veteran-owned tax planning and preparation firm in Virginia Beach, offers expert tax return preparation at affordable prices. We provide transparent fees, ensuring informed decisions. Active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel receive a 20% discount. Our services include reliable tax preparation, thorough explanations, advice on minimizing future tax burdens, and a fee that adds value to you.

Virginia Beach Tax Preparation Service

PIM Tax Services LLC, led by Paul D. Allen, CFP®, an Enrolled Agent and US Navy veteran, aims to provide affordable and genuine tax advice. Founded in 2015, our mission is to alleviate the stress from your tax filing experience. Paul Allen, MAFPL, CFP®, EA, a die-hard Buckeye and retired Navy veteran, opened PIM Tax Services to offer quality tax preparation for active duty, retired, and Reserve servicemembers.

With Enrolled Agent status obtained in January 2016, Paul expanded his expertise, earning the CFP® credential in 2018 and a master’s degree in financial planning in 2020. Committed to comprehensive financial planning, he believes it’s essential for military families to maximize every dollar.

In 2019, Paul became the Associate Director of the Master of Arts in Financial Planning and Law program at Regent University School of Law. As a founding member of the Military Financial Advisors Association, he takes pride in being part of a generous and helpful community of financial planners.

For more about Paul D. Allen, visit his LinkedIn profile!

Meet The Team

Hannah Trainum
Hannah Trainum
Hannah joined the PIM Tax Services team in 2019. She has liked numbers ever since she was old enough to count, so after graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Financial Mathematics Hannah worked in the accounting field for 8 years. She took some time out of the workforce after her sons were born, and we are happy she chose PIM Tax Services as her re-entry point in the world of working with numbers! (She may have come back to work to relax. Those young boys never seem to run out of energy!) Hannah is a Virginia Beach native but now lives in Chesapeake with her husband Greg and their three sons.
Wesley Nessl
Wesley Nessl
Wesley is a Virginia Beach native, a Marine spouse, and a mother of one. After a 3-year ‘vacation’ to Camp Pendleton, California, Wesley returned to Virginia Beach and earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Regent University, and then went on the earn her MBA with a focus in accounting. She has been working as a controller but wants to move into income tax preparation. (Paul called to see if she knew anyone who might want to work at PIM during the 2020 tax season, and she said, “Yes, me!”).
Tara Lyles
Tara Lyles
Navy Veteran, a Navy Spouse, and a Navy Mom. Tara has been a volunteer and mentor in numerous Navy non–profit programs throughout her time around the Navy. After executing their 10th move in summer 2020, she and her family ended up settling on the North Carolina – Virginia border. Tara joined the PIM Tax Services team in January 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. We liked her so much we kept her the rest of the year at our financial planning firm, Redeployment Wealth Strategies. While working at RWS, Tara crushed the curve at The Income Tax School, so she is ready to tackle your tax preparation needs.
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