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Real estate investing is not like ‘regular’ investing in stocks and mutual funds. Likewise, the people who are drawn to investing in real estate – and being successful at it – are different. They are ‘hands on’ people. They like the direct control they have over their portfolio and the individual properties within it. They understand there are market forces at work, but instead of riding their currents they prefer to use them to navigate to their own destiny. They also understand they are running a business – and treat their investment(s) as such.

There are several profitable strategies to real estate investing, but whether you’re a landlord, flipping, wholesaling, or any of the numerous permutations of each of those strategies, taxes are playing an enormous role in your profitability. Income from real estate is not taxed like income from other sources. There are special rules that only apply to real estate. If you are not taking advantage of those rules, you are not maximizing your profits.

As a landlord and  property manager I am familiar with the rigors and intricacies of real estate investing. As a tax professional I have made it a point to become as knowledgeable as possible on the Internal Revenue Code as it pertains to real estate investing. As an Enrolled Agent I am licensed by the IRS to provide tax strategy advice and to represent taxpayers in matters at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service, including appeals.

If you are interested in developing a tax strategy for your real estate investing, please contact me for a free initial consultation.

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