Individual Income Tax Preparation

PIM Tax Services primary mission is to provide the highest quality income tax preparation, the best customer service, and to do it all at an affordable price. 

Self-Employed/Small Businesses

Services 1The 'sharing economy' has brought about enormous opportunities to work from your home or your vehicle. With this opportunity comes an increase in the complexity of your tax situation. Make sure you are getting all of the tax benefits you are entitled to!

Rental Properties

Being a landlord has significant tax benefits, but every year I see (and fix) tax returns from landlords who were not aware of all the tax benefits of being a landlord, or how to claim them effectively.

Tax Consulting

I work with taxpayers every year who wish they had consulted a tax expert before taking action. It's so much easier (and almost always cheaper) to get it right than to fix it later.

IRS Help - Tax Representation Services

As an Enrolled Agent I can represent clients before the IRS or your state taxing authority. Note: Tax representation services are available for existing tax preparation clients only.